Only Human

by Anna Veale

Only Human’ will help you release unnecessary stress…

…from your life so you have the time and energy for the things that matter most to you. And if you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information about how to be well and live your best life, ‘Only Human’ is for you. This no nonsense guide will help you navigate your way through the core foundations of health so you can feel better and live with intention and purpose, deepening your understanding of yourself and others.Buy Now

This is more than just a book, we have created bonus resources with menu plans, exercise programmes, meditations and more so you feel fully supported in your mental health journey

What’s included?


With 5 free at home workouts you will be sorted for those days you can’t make it outside.

Pilates, bodyweight, stretching and more.


This meal plan is designed for you to shop once, cook once and eat clean all week. And it comes with an itemized grocery list.


A mix of breathwork, meditation and visualization to bring your attention to what’s important.  


Plus a whole goal setting workshop, workbook and a core values exercise designed to highlight your next steps and guide your journey. 

‘Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character’ – LAO-TZE


I don’t know where you are right now. Perhaps you are a few kilos above your fighting weight, or you know you drink a couple more beers than you should, but it helps you relax after a big day. Maybe your partner has noticed that you’re being distant, or too focused on work, because you can’t switch off when you’re at home. What about the guy that cut you off at the roundabout? Did you smile at him and let it wash over you or did it wind you up to boiling point?

This book provides you with the basics. Simple steps that will increase your self-awareness, but more than that, encourage you to take the action required to positively change your life. In return for making that commitment to yourself, you will find a renewed sense of energy, more intimacy with your partner if you have one and you will feel more deeply engaged with life.Buy Now



Physical Book

$29.95 nzd

plus shipping

With each book you gain access to the Only Human Resource Lab which includes:

  • Recorded home workout sessions
  • Meditations, breathwork and visualisations
  • Workbook with all exercises included
  • Healthy Eats Recipes
  • And so much more epic value included


Hey Anna only been home couple of days have received your book and started reading straight away. Just wanted to congratulate you on a Stella effort great easy to read and to the point ( how men like it i believe 😊)
Hi Anna
Helen here from Gifts & Souvenirs, Dannevirke. Have sold your books, need more 😊 are you able to send me down 6 more
Loving your book, well done you, feck makes me wince thinking much time and effort to write but what a goodie
WOW! You truly are AMAZING! This is an exceptional book! I am in awe 🙇‍♀️


Anna brings 20 years experience to the wellness industry and has worked with a wide range of people. She spent 6 years in the corporate world before entering the fitness industry in 2003.

Fresh Coaching was established in 2003 when Anna chose to leave corporate life and retrain as a fitness professional.

The first 15 years of her career was spent working with clients and organizations on their physical health. In that time, she noticed a pattern of high stress and decline in performance. To further support her clients, she went back to study life coaching and Ayurveda so she could work with the body and mind collectively.


Over the years, Anna has been privileged to witness the growth and success of hundreds of people. Some of her local corporate clients include, Bureta Physiotherapy, Robotics Plus, Harrison Grierson, Tremains Property Services and Tonkin Taylor. Further afield, Anna has worked with English Premiership Rugby Club Saracens, Super 15 rugby club Western Force professional footballers, rowers and those who have served in the marines. Her first book ‘Only human’ is available to buy now.