To be a high performer, we must learn how to be human first. Work with me to better understand your mind and how to bring out the best in you so you can bring out the best in others.

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Helping you to get connected to what matters. Starting from the ground up, we create the space to make positive change, strengthening your relationship with yourself and those around you.


Anna’s coaching programmes are designed for people that are ready to show up and do the work to reach their potential. These powerful sessions will empower you to make decisions to improve your energy, relationships and ultimately your life.

If you are ready to dominate your day and take full responsibility for your life, coaching is for you.


Anna’s extensive work with professional athletes, business owners and leaders has led her to run workshops and events around New Zealand and The United Kingdom. An engaging and easy going speaker, Anna easily connects with her audiences and often receives feedback that she just ‘gets it’. She is available for online and in-person speaking events, workshops and can cater per presentation and topic to any audience.


Having a strong, resilient and healthy workforce promises to increase productivity and performance. Give your team the opportunity to take responsibility for their physical and mental health. Anna’s background in Human Resources and training with global organisations such as Ford and Siemens Network Systems has given her the experience to know how important having a strong culture and mental being is. Her unique programmes help inspire teams to bring their best to the table. 

If you’re ready to live a life that aligns with what matters most to you then you’re in the right place.

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‘Only Human’ will help you release unnecessary stress from your life so you have the time and energy for the things that matter most to you. Covering my MENS formula along with bonus chapters, this book gives you the map, so you can easily navigate your way to a more purpose-driven life. 



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