With the increase of mental health disorders around the country, companies like yours are starting to take proactive steps toward their staff’s mental and physical well-being. Less stress leave, fewer sick days, happier staff and a greater sense of team are just some of the benefits of concentrating on workplace wellness. 


Right now workplaces are experiencing unprecedented levels of staff stress, and high anxiety and many companies without HR programs are struggling to find help in the community from overloaded mental health professionals. 

All these factors lead to a disjointed working environment, lower team morale and in some instances, leads to a volatile working scenario for some individuals, or even loss of staff. 

Stress leave is an increasing cost to businesses but seldomly provides a solution to help either the employer or employee move forward

We want to

Empower your team to better manage overwhelm and procrastination.

Help them identify stress triggers and what to do about them.

Build team morale.

Teach them mindfulness and it’s ability to improve working relationships.

Help them realise their personal values and how they play an integral part in job satisfaction and performance. 

‘Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character’ – LAO-TZE

Workshop Options


Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. To know and understand them gives employees power to change their outlook on life and work. Being deeply connected to personal values gives purpose and alignment to life.


  • Learn what values are and how they differ to goals.
  • Identify their own core values and what they mean to them.
  • Be shown where, in their working and home life, they are being true to their values and where they can improve.
  • Learn how to use values to set boundaries and improve relationships.

Want to learn more about my approach to values? Click the button below to download your free core values workbook.

Everyday Mindfulness In The Workplace

Health and well-being doesn’t just come from changing our habits around nutrition, sleep and exercise. It comes from increased self awareness and understanding the habitual workings of our mind.


  • Learn to identify and defuse from thoughts and realise thoughts are not truth.
  • Promote self awareness, happiness, wellbeing, acceptance and positive interactions with ourselves and others.
  • Be given simple daily techniques to break the habitual thought cycle that causes anxiety, unrest and disease
  • Learn how to act with courage and face fear head on.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Overwhelm can present as anxiety, fear, guilt, anger and burn out. It can creates paralysis leading to missed deadlines, increased pressure, frustration and self doubt. Emotional overwhelm is becoming more common with 24-hour access to technology.


  • Be given the tools to address paralysing habits like overwhelm and procrastination so they can be more efficient and happy at work, freeing up time to do the things they love.
  • Learn how to create boundaries, increase focus, manage overwhelm and improve relationships.
  • Have a better understanding of triggers to make proactive changes and minimise overwhelm in their lives.

Easy Stress Solutions

With stress being the number one health concern globally, this workshop looks at what stress is, how it can be used to our advantage, and how to reduce chronic stress, which can negatively impact our health, relationships, and productivity.


  •  Be able to identify stress, the various disguises it wears and understand its impacts.
  • Be clear on what matters most so they can confidently set boundaries and reduce the mental load at work and at home.
  • Give a greater understanding of how the brain works, and how we naturally lean toward negative bias.
  • Have improved relationships with their co-workers 


“Anna helps her clients strive to achieve their potential with warmth professionalism and a directness that really makes you think!”- SHONAGH HARRIS, TREMMAINS PROPERTY SERVICES
“Having a direct service that staff can utilise either regularly or as required, depending on need, has taken a significant amount of pressure off us as business owners attempting to work in an area we are not experienced in and have little time to address. It has also been great to support our staff to live fulfilling lives and support them during tough times and, with Anna being independent from us, I believe it is a huge strength as staff are comfortable discussing all topics confidentially. – JACINTA HORAN, BURETA PHYSIOTHERAPY + WELLNESS NZ 
“Anna, from Fresh Coaching ran an online wellbeing workshop for our business, Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance. She had a relaxed approach to presenting, whilst remaining professional and able to really engage the attendees. Anna is very passionate about her work, has high energy in her delivery and produced an excellent workbook too.” PAUL WALMSELY, ANZCAL


Anna brings 20 years experience to the wellness industry and has worked with a wide range of people. She spent 6 years in the corporate world before entering the fitness industry in 2003.

Fresh Coaching was established in 2003 when Anna chose to leave corporate life and retrain as a fitness professional.

The first 15 years of her career was spent working with clients and organizations on their physical health. In that time, she noticed a pattern of high stress and decline in performance. To further support her clients, she went back to study life coaching and Ayurveda so she could work with the body and mind collectively.


Over the years, Anna has been privileged to witness the growth and success of hundreds of people. Some of her local corporate clients include, Bureta Physiotherapy, Robotics Plus, Harrison Grierson, Tremains Property Services and Tonkin Taylor. Further afield, Anna has worked with English Premiership Rugby Club Saracens, Super 15 rugby club Western Force professional footballers, rowers and those who have served in the marines. Her first book ‘Only human’ is available to buy now.