About Breathwork

“Breathing is the essence of life. Breathe deeply. Live fully” – Gabriella Goddard 

Our bodys are designed to tolerate stress in bursts. The trouble with today’s fast pace living is that most of us run in this high stress state for months, even years. The effects to our nervous system is huge. 

If we run on the assumption that breath is life, then we would be right in assuming that focusing on our breath and the quality of our breath is essential to optimal health. 

Think of a time recently where you were feeling stressed. Perhaps you were running late or a meeting or you had a deadline to meet and you kept getting interruptions. What was your body like? Was it calm and relaxed? Or was it tightly bound, jaw clenched, holding your breath?  

The chances are, it was the latter. When we are stressed, our inhalation becomes shallow, and we shorten our breath, limiting the amount of air we take in. This results in the excretion of our stress hormone, cortisol. 

Cortisol along with adrenaline are fantastic at managing situations where we need to fight or run away but not so helpful to combat modern day stress, especially when we get triggered multiple times a day. 

Consciously taking time daily to focus on our breathing will be one of the single most important things you can learn in life. It not only will help reset your nervous system, but it will also create space between your thoughts and reactions in life. 

This in turn will change your interactions with the external environment and create a calmer, more balanced life.