Every Player Needs a Coach

The famous leader of Coaching Tony Robbins said ‘every player needs a Coach’ and he was right. Love him or hate him, he has taken Coaching from elite sports players and high business rollers and made it mainstream. Why? Well for one, our brains are hard wired to expect the worst. We haven’t evolved enough to know we aren’t in imminent danger and we have a natural bias to expect the worst to protect ourselves.

And then there’s our beliefs that we carry around with us that we have never thought to question. The ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I am hopeless at…” ‘It’s ok for them, they had it easy’ ‘Its because of …..that I’m not successful’ You get the picture.

Add to that the modern-day pressure of keeping up with the Joneses. It’s not enough to have the nice car, big house, 6 pack abs, beautiful hair, well dressed, obliging children, organic vegetable garden and a holiday home in Spain, you also need to have a thriving career, a side hustle, be a best friend, mum, dad, daughter, son and all time legend.

It becomes overwhelming right? And with overwhelm becomes shut down. We stop taking care of ourselves and lose the basics of wellness. GOOD FOOD, A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP, MOVEMENT. Without these 3 components we can’t even begin to function at an optimal level. And that’s where a Wellness Coach steps in.

You may have experienced it yourself, if you haven’t, I’m putting money on you knowing someone who has. You are going through a tough patch in your life, you allow your thoughts to run wild and you ruminate about what it is you have lost, what you are missing and people start to notice your spark has gone. You find it difficult to sleep and rely on your morning coffee to make you feel alive. You skip breakfast and head to work feeling uninspired but it pays the bills and its only 4 days until the weekend rolls around again. Your body is depleted so you grab another cup of coffee and a muffin which ties you over until lunchtime. You’re too busy to take an hour for lunch so grab a bite from the local deli, possibly another coffee so by 3pm you feel like you want to have a lie down. Of course you can’t because you’re busy, busy, BUSY. Dinner comes around and you’re too tired and uninspired to cook so boil up some pasta and have a glass or two of wine. Why not? You deserve it after such a tough day.

You hear all these people talking about morning routines, exercise, ‘10 habits of highly functioning people’ and resent them for their vigour for life. It’s ok for them, they have money, its ok for them they have a husband/wife. You can fill in the blanks but you can see where I’m going with this!

You might give yourself the excuse that you’re busy and continue on the treadmill of life and counting the hours until 5pm Friday.

A good Coach will knock that headspace in to touch. Right out of the door. See ya!

Unable to sit in your limiting beliefs, unable to stay in your rumination; a Coach is there as a mentor, someone to guide you through challenges and show you a different way of seeing things. Once addressing the basics of good nutrition, sleep hygiene and exercise a Wellness

Coach will address mindset. They will help you set clear goals. More importantly they keep you accountable to achieving them. A Coach will challenge your limiting beliefs, get you out of your rut and break down the habits that are keeping you stuck.

Literally seeing the world through fresh eyes; your perception of life changes. Your increased energy from your new wellness regime will nourish your cells, giving you clarity, focus and hope. You have found a new sense of purpose with your career and have enthusiasm that is contagious.

People notice the spring in your step, the change of energy and the vibration you now bring. You can hardly believe that you were the stressed out, tired, depressed person only a few months ago.

The power of Coaching is life-changing. It empowers you to take control of your thoughts, challenge your behaviour, let go of bad habits and own your life with purpose and clarity.

Have you ever considered working with a Coach?