Values- your playbook for life

Your core values will give you the roots and grounding required to weather the storm that life throws at you. 

In essence, values are our deepest aspiration for how to be our best selves. How we show up to ourselves, other people, our work, and our life. They represent our strongest selves, what we stand for and act as a compass to come back home when we stray off the path.

Values are different to goals. They form the basis of how to ‘be’ so you can create, strive for and achieve goals. They are intangible. They can’t be taken from you and they are deeply personal.  

Values get us out of bed on the cold, dark mornings when we would prefer to press snooze. They help us choose ‘hard over easy’ when faced with dilemmas and they help you find your tribe when it comes to relationships. Values can change as we change, and we may find ourselves prioritising some values over others. There too, will be times when your values are compromised, and you will find yourself feeling stuck. When you do, you’ll be able to refer to this chapter to work your way through it with minimal drama.

Use this workbook to identify your core values and use them to create boundaries and structure in your life.