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Your guide to goal setting

Nov 11, 2019

Got something you want to get stuck in to but not sure how? Do you have an unfulfilled dream or a niggling desire to change things up but it all seems in the to hard basket? Setting some clear goals could be your answer.

This blog outlines the ‘why’ the ‘how’ and the ‘what next’ of goal setting.


Goal Setting ‘Why’.

Science tells us that if you commit your goals to writing you are 40% more likely to achieve them. It also tells us that if you tell someone else about your goals you are 60% more likely to achieve them and if you have a Coach you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals.

Having goals that align with your values will enable you to dig deep when the going gets tough. Lets face it, when you set out to achieve something, its not all going to be plain sailing so you won’t be relying on motivation to get you through. Having a strong reason ‘why’ will help you carve out the discipline and push you through when your head is down.

Being clear on your personal values and why you want what you want and writing your goals down will give you the determination and drive to start.

Fall in love with your purpose! Bringing your ‘why’ to the table will enable you to prioritise, give you control, focus and grit when you need it most.


Goal Setting ‘How’.

You may have heard about goals needing to be SMART. This is a great place to start in the goal setting puzzle. Setting goals that are SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE, ACHIEVEABLE (we want these to be achievable but stretched!), REALISTIC and TIMED gives you a framework in which to work.

Writing ‘lose weight’, ‘run marathon’ ‘quit job’ isn’t enough. Be clear on what it is you are going to achieve. Equally if there is no way to measure the goal and if you don't add a time pressure to then it won’t give you the impetus to get going.

You want your goal to be within reach but hard to work for whilst also being within the realms of reality.


See it. Feel it. Live it.

When you write out your goals. Be as specific as you can. See and feel yourself achieving your goal. Visualise what it looks like, who will be there to celebrate, how you will celebrate and what. Write it all down.


Climb the wall.

Life will throw a few curve balls and the more prepared you are for these, the more likely you will be able to cope when they arise. List down any potential barriers and then the action you will take to combat it. Remember goals worth achieving need to stretch you, take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you along the way. Being prepared will mean you are less likely to throw in the towel.


Spread the word.

Once you're clear on your vision tell the people most likely to be your cheerleaders. These guys are worth their weight in gold in the goal setting process. Having people to lift you when you have a wobble, cheer you on and be there through thick and thin will keep you going.


Take action.

You have found your why, put pen to paper, made a commitment to yourself. Now it is time to take action! Schedule your diary so that you have uninterrupted time to spend on your goals and set to work!


Download your guide

To inspire and motivate you, I have created your very own Goal Getters Guide which you can use to plan your goals. Simply click here to download it and take action!