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You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf

Nov 16, 2019

Overwhelm. We have all been there. The never ending list of jobs to get through, the demands from yourself and others, the constant comparison and feeling that there’s just not enough hours in the day.

As we enter silly season it can feel like you have no control over your time and without taking a step back you are at risk of overload.

Here’s my guide to keeping your feet on the ground as Christmas approaches!


Practice gratitude

If you feel the effects of overwhelm then take 10 minutes out of your day to practice gratitude. It will enable you to see things in a different light.
Buy a journal and each morning write down what you are feeling worried about and reframe it with a grateful heart.


Fuel yourself

As we get busy, it’s too easy to let your nutrition slip. Prioritising your meals will save you time and energy in the long run so plan your week and ensure you have quick, healthy snacks and meals ready.



Breath work is so simple yet probably the most overlooked form of stress relief going! The beauty is we always have our breath and can rely on it anytime we need a break! Get in to the habit of taking regular deep breaths in and out through the nose. When you are feeling anxious, count in for 4 and out for 6 for 10 slow controlled rounds and feel your mood instantly change.


Check in with yourself

Often it’s our expectations of what we need to get done in a day that leads us to feel overwhelm. For me, I like to have the house clean, beds made, kitchen clean, washing hung out and bathrooms sparkling before I start work in the morning. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that. But that’s just my perception of how things should be. Will the world end if I haven’t put the dishwasher on? Will a visitor bolt out of the door if I haven’t vacuumed? Highly unlikely!
Take a look at what you do in your day and cut yourself some slack. If there is anything you can get help with then ACCEPT it. If there is anything that can wait until next week, PARK it.
By simplifying your life and being more realistic with your expectations, life will be calmer!


Ask yourself is it a ‘yes, no or a maybe’

It’s such a small word but yet we seem to find it so hard to say!
Our inability to say no can be fear of letting people down, fear of not being liked, fear of missing out and during the festive season the list of never ending jobs, invitations and commitments can take people to tipping point.
Before you say yes to an invitation or request, take a breath and tell them you will get back to them. Take some time to sit on it.
Creating space will enable you to make the decision based on your needs and wants rather than reacting.
It is so easy to put the needs of others before our own. Be courageous enough to ask yourself what you want.

Ultimately the things you invest your time in wants to be uplifting, exciting and nourishing to the soul. Overwhelm will kill any fun, feed anxiety and drain your energy.

Understanding that you have control of your time, even when it feels like you don’t is empowering and will give you the strength to choose a calmer way of life.

So when overwhelm hits, ride the wave with courage, strength and compassion.