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Dream it. See it. Live it.

Nov 03, 2019

Visualisation, I love it. For years I have inadvertently used the technique to manifest the most incredible things. From doodling countless surfing style pictures all over my school books only to find myself travelling around Australia soon after I turned 18 to most recently visualising my ‘dream fridge’ with its large double doors, stainless steel body and all the soulful, nutritious food inside. (Oh how times have changed!)


Without getting too ‘woo woo’ it works. From a practical side, it allows you to get clear on what you want and makes you take action, which then in return leads to a successful result. But then there’s an unexplained side which all I can say stems from our subconscious taking our desires on board and manifesting them accordingly.


Regardless of the ‘how’ visualisation is taken very seriously by elite athletes and is used wisely across the world.


Vision Boards are a fun way of bringing dreams to life and sparking the creative side of your personality. Personally I have experienced some pretty incredible outcomes and used it to motivate and guide me both in my personal and professional life. On a conscious level it makes me very clear on what I want to achieve and then I set goals and set out to achieve them. From the subconscious level, I’ll pick out words and pictures that mean something to me or my higher self.


Why not Pinterest? I hear you say- well whilst I love Pinterest for haircut, home improvement and Christmas ideas but there is something almost meditative about flicking through magazines and papers. Not to mention cutting images out, planning where they will sit on your board and playing around with the layout. When you have a board that you are proud and inspired by, you are more likely to use it daily rather than opening up your Pinterest app.


How to:

The beauty with vision boarding is there is no right and wrong! Some people like clean, fresh lines, others enjoy layering pictures and filling up the entire board.


What you will need:

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Glue

  • Magazines

  • A large piece of card to stick your creation to

  • I like to use stickers and inspirational quotes too- places like Kikki-K, Kmart and Whitcoulls all stock them.





The fun bit:

This is where the fun begins. You are only limited to your own imagination and remember dreams are free.


Dreaming of an overseas trip? Leaving your stressful job and setting up on your own? Girls weekend away? New kitchen? A shed load of cool indoor plants for your beautiful home? A whole new wardrobe? New car? Swim for your country? Triplets? Cut it all out!


I will say right now, this is YOUR vision board. There is no space for judgement, limitation and questioning. This is time to switch off convention, pause limitation and open the flood gates to your dreams.


Carve out a couple of hours and if you feel so inclined, invite a friend or 2 over to share the inspiration. In the vision board workshops that I have held , the feedback is that they fed off other peoples energy and ideas but of course there is still great benefit on doing this on your own. Your board, your rules.


To start, I like to use an uplifting aromatherapy oil. I pop a couple of drops on my hands, rub them together and do a simple round of deep breaths to switch my brain off to the world and to bring myself in to the moment.


However and wherever you choose to start, set to work flicking through the pages of the magazines. Cut out the pictures, words and quotes that inspire you even if they don’t seem related to your obvious goals and wants.


Have some fun with it, allow your create flow to set in and greet every image you choose with gratitude.


Be aware of your thoughts when you are doing this. When you cut something out that might be a little scary or out of reach, acknowledge the thoughts or emotion that comes up and cut it out anyway.


With your imagery and words cut out, you can set to work creating your board. Create your board with intention, feel each picture as if you are already living it.


Once you are done, choose a beautiful space to hang it. Somewhere you can see it daily.

Use it as a daily reminder to take time out of your day and sit with your dreams.

I always love hearing how peoples vision boards work for them.
These are just some of the marvellous manifestations my friends and clients have made,

  • Baby!
  • Yoga retreat in Bali
  • New car
  • Living by the sea


And here’s some beautiful comments that have come from the Vision Board Workshops that I offer around New Zealand.

  • ‘I was lucky enough to attend one of Anna’s vision board workshops. The entire night was a heap of fun and I left feeling inspired and motivated'
  • ‘Very inspiring. Motivated me to think about my own aspirations, it’s never too late’
  • ‘Such a chilled vibe. Felt very indulgent to sit and focus on myself, visualising wants, dreams and aspirations.’

I shall look forward to hearing from you and to your successes!